Is this right? … Lee Si Eon left “strange comments” on Oh Yeon Seo’s selfie photos

On Jan 4th, Oh Yeon Seo shared daily photos on her Instagram without any special captions. In the photos, she is crouching in front of the mirror and taking mirror selfies with her chin propped on her hands.

Oh yeon seo

Lee Si Eon commented, “How are you, sis?” Oh Yeon Seo replied, “Yeah, I’m doing well. Si Eon is also doing well, right?” Lee Si Eon added, “You’re still the same, sis.”

There is a reason why the two’s conversation, which seems normal at first glance, drew attention. This is because Oh Yeon Seo is younger than Lee Si Eon. Oh Yeon Seo was born in 1987 and Lee Si Eon was born in 1982. Oh Yeon Seo is 5 years younger than Lee Si Eon. The friendly appearance of the two people exchanging jokes attracted attention.

Oh yeon seo

Netizens who saw the two’s comments wondered, “Is Oh Yeon Seo really Lee Si Eon’s sister?”

Lee Si Eon was greatly loved for appearing in tvN’s dramas “Reply 1997”, “Live”, SBS’ drama “Remember”, MBC’s drama “W” and MBC’s entertainment show “I Live Alone”.

Oh Yeon Seo debuted with the group “LUV” in 2002. After finishing her career as a singer, she turned into an actress. She made her face known through KBS2’s “My Husband Got a Family”, MBC’s dramas “Here Comes Mr. Oh”, “Jang Bo-ri Is Here!” and SBS’ drama “My Sassy Girl”.

Source: wikitree

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