Celebrities that Korean netizens think of first when mentioning the name ‘Jimin’

There are at least 7 celebrities with the same name Jimin currently active in the Korean entertainment industry.

Over the years, Kbiz has witnessed the appearance of many artists with the same name (who may have different surnames or the same surname) who debuted and worked in fields such as music, movies, or comedy. Some people always use their real names to promote, others decide to use stage names, but their birth names are still known and loved by many fans in many different cases.

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Among the most popular names among Koreans, Jimin is perhaps one of the most duplicated in the Korean artist world. There are at least 7 artists (both male and female, both idols and actors) with the same name Jimin, and it will definitely be difficult to find accurate pictures and information if you don’t search with a few other factors. such as last name or group name (if any).

7 of the artists with the real name Jimin are currently active at Kbiz:

1. Park Jimin (Jamie Park of 15&) – Born in 1997

2. Park Jimin (BTS) – Born in 1995

3. Actress Han Jimin – Born in 1982

4. Shin Jimin (AOA) – Born in 1991

5. Actress Kwak Jimin – Born in 1985

6. Yoo Jimin (aespa’s Karina) – Born in 2000

7. Comedian Kim Jimin – Born in 1984

Netizens on Theqoo recently have a heated debated on the question of which artist they think of first with the name “Jimin”. Many people point out the fact that if you just search for “Jimin” on Google without the last name, the only artist that shows up is BTS’s Jimin. However, some other netizens confirmed that the person they thought of first was not a BTS member.

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  • Jimin of BTS
  • “For me, it’s Han Jimin”
  • AOA‘s Jimin
  • “2 okay. My love Park Jimin”
  • “Comedian Kim Jimin”
  • Karina Yoo Jimin. Simply because she’s my bias”
  • “Karina… Yoo Jimin”
  • “Definitely Jimin of BTS”
  • “When I think of Jimin without the last name, I only think of BTS’s Jimin”
  • “If you try to search without them, the only result that comes up is BTS Jimin”
  • aespa Yoo Jimin”

Besides the above 7 artists, the Korean entertainment industry still has many other idols and actors with the same real name Jimin, such as Monday’s Weekly (real name Kim Jimin) or young actress Kim Jimin (born in 2000). ) of SM C&C,….

Which Korean artist comes to mind first when you hear the word “Jimin”?

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