Na In-woo to Enlist Amid “Marry My Husband” Success, Netizens Express Regrets 

Actor Na In-woo is preparing for enlistment despite his huge popularity with “Marry My Husband”, prompting regrets from netizens. 

On February 15, StarNews reported that Na In-woo is scheduled to enlist in the military in 2024, right after enjoying huge popularity with the success of “Marry My Husband”. 

It is known that the actor, born in 1994, has reached the age limit for completing military service and thus is awaiting his enlistment warrant. 

na in woo

As a result, many netizens have shown their regrets and pity that Na In-woo had to enlist and vanish from the public’s eyes, right after his career hit a new peak. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Going to the military just when his career is at its peak… It’s a shame that he didn’t complete his military service beforehand
  • I’m surprised that a 94-liner like him hasn’t enlisted yet 
  • “Marry My Husband” is doing so well, it’s such a pity 
  • It’d be good for him to film as many work as possible before enlisting 
  • It’s a shame that he won’t be appearing for a while… I will await his comeback 
  • Please return quickly so I can see your next work soon!!!

Source: theqoo

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