Myung Se Bin’s warning “Don’t be deceived by the man who says ‘I’m marrying Myung Se Bin’ in Gangnam”

There are all these absurd things in the world.”

It was belatedly known that actress Myung Se Bin, who played Choi Seung Hee in JTBC’s “Doctor Cha“, suffered a lot due to “marriage impostor” A.

myung se bin

A introduced himself to real estate and expensive furniture stores in Gangnam as “I’m going to marry Myung Se Bin soon” and looked around things for sale.

An investment expert in Gangnam, who recently met A, told Sports Seoul, “Last May, A visited me saying he wants to purchase a building. I didn’t ask, but he said he plans to marry Myung Se Bin soon.

It was confirmed that A’s job is “designated driver”. He is a complete stranger to Myung Se Bin and he does not have financial resources to buy buildings or expensive furniture. However, as A spread false rumors, Myung Se Bin and her agency Cosmo Entertainment confirmed A’s existence through various channels.

Myung Se Bin

Myung Se Bin heard about A before filming the popular drama “Doctor Cha”, but she could not do anything and had a hard time because she was afraid that she would damage the drama.

In the end, Myung Se Bin plans to deliver a warning to A through her personal channel on June 12th, after the end of the drama.

An official from Cosmo Entertainment said on June 11th, “Although Myung Se Bin and A don’t know each other at all, Myung Se Bin was worried because A pretended to be married to her at brokerage agencies, real estate and furniture companies.”

They added, “We are currently considering a defamation complaint. We will take legal action if there’s one more report on A’s impersonation.”

Source: Naver

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