“My Dearest”: Opening Scene Of Ep 1 Is Actually A Sad Ending Spoiler?

The identity of the maniac is Yoo Gil-chae

The opening scene of episode 1 became a hot topic again ahead of the last episode of “My Dearest.”

my dearest
my dearest

It is predicted that the drama is going to have a sad ending of two tragic lovers who were caught up in the fate of history. Reflecting on the opening scenes of Part 1, Lee Jang-hyun eventually dies a tragic death as he appeared in Gil-chae’s dream.

The identity of the maniac who was imprisoned in an underground prison is Gil-chae. Believing Jang-hyun’s words, “I will definitely come back,” she spends the rest of her life alone and lonely in an underground prison.

my dearest

The production team of “My Dearest” said, “The final episode, which will air today (18th), will reveal the last story of Lee Jang-hyun and Yoo Gil-chae’s mournful love. During a long journey of “My Dearest,” all actors and production staff, including Nam Gung-min, Ahn Eun-jin, Lee Hak-joo and Lee Da-in, did their best. We ask for your passionate interest and anticipation for “My Dearest” until the end.”

Source: daum

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