“My Boyfriend is Better”, a new entertainment show where you invest in your boyfriend: “Mnet staff says it’s so fun they are obsessed” 

The “My Boyfriend is Better” team showed their confidence in the fresh format.

Mnet’s new entertainment program “My Boyfriend is Better” has had its online press conference live on the morning of Mar 25th. PD Won Jung-woo and PD Kim Se-min, as well as MC Lee Yong-jin, female referee Hong Hyun-hee, Aiki, Gabee, and Simeez attended the press conference.

My Boyfriend is Better” is a new concept of music entertainment program that combines the boyfriends’ singing contests and the girlfriends’ investment games. Girlfriends should invest in the boyfriends who are likely to sing better and earn prize money. 

In this regard, PD Kim Se-min said, “Dating programs such as ‘Transfer Love’ and ‘Single’s Inferno’ were popular. Such programs focus on making couples, but there are almost no actual couples created, so I think it would be more realistic if I do this. It would be fun to solve subtle psychology with a game,” he said, revealing his plans of doing a program that cast real couples and solved subtle psychology through games.

My Boyfriend is Better

The program will be hosted by Lee Yong-jin alone, and Hong Hyun-hee, Solji, Aiki, Gabee, Simeez, Jang Ye-won, and Im La-la appear as judges. Lee Yong-jin, who is in charge of hosting, said, “I like to watch the concept of psychology going back and forth and being shaken by money. When I was invited to join, I thought I could do well. I have always wanted to be an MC for such a big program. This is such a good opportunity,” he said, explaining why he accepted the offer.

Hong Hyun-hee said, “It’s my first program since I got pregnant,” adding, “I thought it would have a good influence on prenatal education. I heard that there will be people who are good singers. Thank you for choosing me as a judge. I think I will do well because I had a good hunch. I’m grateful that it’s a program where I can follow what I feel, not as a singer.”

Aiki said, “I’ve been married for about 10 years. I wanted to see the excited couples these days, but it was really fun because everything was filmed in reality. It was fun to see them upset about money, and to see couples from the MZ generation these days.”

Gabee said, “I think the concept of investing in your boyfriend is new. I thought they were asking me to bring my boyfriend and let him compete with Hong Hyun-hee and Aiki’s husbands,” making everyone laugh. She added, “It was fun to see couples flirting and disappointed because the girlfriends didn’t invest in them.”

Simeez said, “This program has everything you want to look for in an entertainment show. I like love psychological dating programs, but it is even more of an honor for me to be in the same panel with such interesting characters.”

My Boyfriend is Better

In addition, producer Won Jung-woo said, “We tried many things for the first time. As you can see from the short highlight, our program is progressing at a speedy pace fitting with the MZ generation,” he said confidently.

Producer Kim Se-min also said, “Many people from our channel have seen it. They said it was fun and they were obsessed,” he said adding, “I hope viewers will look forward to our show.

Finally, Lee Yong-jin said, “You will realize that this is a fun music entertainment show. You will be able to confirm it is more than expected today,” he said, raising expectations.

Meanwhile, “My Boyfriend is Better” will premiere at 9:20 p.m. on Mar 25th.

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