“Moon Lovers” Lee Joon-gi and IU, modern-day reunion scene revealed “Gathered again in 2024”

On the afternoon of Jan 15th, Lee Joon-gi posted a short video with the caption, “Moon Lovers 2024.

In the video, Lee Joon-gi gathered at one place with actors Hong Jong-hyun, Seohyun, Z.Hera and others who worked together in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”.

Lee Joon-gi also shared his video call with IU. IU, with her pink hair, greeted the “Moon Lovers” team, touching the hearts of drama fans.

Lee Joon-gi IU

Lee Joon-gi then created a surprise by revealing the modern-day reunion scene between Hae Soo (IU) and Wang So (Lee Joon-gi), which did not appear in the drama.

In the past, when Lee Joon-gi was told that there were many fans who wanted “Moon Lovers” season 2, he said, “I also hope for season 2. We talked about it a lot.

Regarding the ending scene, he mentioned, “We filmed Wang So meeting Hae Soo again. I wear a suit, don’t recognize Hae Soo but hand her a handkerchief.”

Lee Joon-gi explained that the director decided not to include this scene for the sake of lingering emotions, and unfortunately, this story was not included in the DVD either.

Fans who saw Lee Joon-gi’s video left comments like “I’m still waiting for season 2“, “Seeing you meeting again warms my heart” and “Finally seeing Wang So in the modern era.”

Source: Nate

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