Former member Daisy, “Leaving MOMOLAND? I was fired… I still don’t know the reason”

Daisy recently let fans know that she did not leave but was removed from MOMOLAND. 

On July 3rd, through a live broadcast on her official TikTok account, former MOMOLAND member Daisy revealed that it was not her decision to depart from MOMOLAND. Instead, it was MLD Entertainment, MOMOLAND’s agency, that kicked her out of the group. 


Daisy said, “For the love of God, I did not leave, I was fired. I didn’t know either. If I did, I would have probably unfired myself,” indirectly confirming that she was forced to withdraw from the group without the company having a discussion with her in advance. 

However, to reassure fans, Daisy repeatedly said that she was fine and everything was all good since it has been such a long time since her departure. 


Earlier, in an interview with KBS, Daisy revealed that MLD Entertainment offered her to join the group after she was eliminated from Mnet’s survival show “Finding MOMOLAND”, which aired in 2016.

The debut lineup was decided by 60% of producer evaluation, 20% of daily online voting, and 20% of audiences’ live voting in the final. Regardless of her elimination, Daisy was added into the group. 

Regarding Daisy’s claim, MLD responded, “This is by no means true. At the time, the trainees who were eliminated in the final round of the show, including Daisy, were supposed to have their contract terminated. However, the CEO, who thought Daisy had great potential, recommended her to stay as a trainee, not as a member of the debut group.”

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Conflict continued between MLD and Daisy over her absence from MOMOLAND’s activities in Korea for a while. Eventually, they went through a legal battle and Daisy won the lawsuit. 

Daisy was born in 1999 and turns 23 years old this year. After departing from MOMOLAND, she has been communicating with fans through her personal SNS channel, which she opened in February.

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