Kim Da Mi to star in crime drama “Nine Puzzle” 

Kim Da Mi will be the female lead in the new crime drama “Nine Puzzle” directed by Yoon Jong Bin. 

On May 26th, it is reported that Kim Da Mi will be the lead actress in the new drama “Nine Puzzle”. It is a work in which Ina, a witness and suspect in a murder case, becomes a profiler 10 years later and finds the answer to an unsolved murder case. 


Kim Da Mi will play Ina, a murder witness and suspect-turned-profiler. Ina is a six-year senior in the Criminal Analysis Team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Scientific Investigation Division. She has a novel method of investigation by playing out a scenario “as if she had killed that person”. 

Ina was the only witness to her uncle’s death. After 10 years, she finally has the answer to that unsolved case. 

Kim Da Mi

Kim Da Mi won “Best New Actress” with the first part of “The Witch” at the “Blue Dragon Film Award”. She continued rising to stardom with “Itaewon Class” and “Our Beloved Summer”. Recently, she moved viewers to tears with an emotional and raw performance in the movie “Soulmate”. 

“Nine Puzzle” is directed by Yoon Jong Bin and penned by Lee Eun Mi. Son Seok Koo is also in talks of joining “Nine Puzzles” after declining the lead role in “Can You Translate This Love?” by the famous Hong Sisters.

Source: naver

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