Momo (TWICE) received compliments for her honey-sweet voice in the group’s new OST

The soft melody of the 'Hospital Playlist’ OST matches well with Momo's cute voice.

On July 9, ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ released the soundtrack titled ‘I love you more than anyone’ performed by Twice.  For the first time, the group took charge of singing Korean movie OSTs after Japanese OSTs such as My Teacher, my love, Stay by my side, Bad love picture: Book of Midnight.

Twice’s OST song receives a positive response from the Once community.  Fans rejoice when Twice finally had the chance to show off their voice in a ballad soundtrack. Besides the members that have stable vocals like Ji Hyo, Na Yeon, Jeong Yeon, etc., the member surprised netizens the most is Momo.

Momo’s singing line is quite short, but it is the most addictive part of the song.  Netizens think that she did an excellent job in ‘I love you more than anyone’.  The songs have low tones, delicate melodies that go well with her cute low voice.  When participating in this OST, Momo is no longer criticized for being “tone deaf” like in the promotions of More & More, I Can’t Stop Me with Twice last year.

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On the other hand, fans also blame JYP for often choosing songs that are beyond Momo’s ability, causing the Japanese idol to be criticized for not being able to sing.  Before debuting with Twice, Momo’s voice wasn’t too bad.  Later, her vocal range had to be raised to adapt to Twice’s songs, leading to controversial live performances on social media.

In addition to compliments for Momo, Korean netizens also appreciated Mina’s performance.  Mina’s soft, gentle voice is very suitable for songs about love.

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Some comments: “Momo did a great job in this OST”;  “Everyone’s voice is as sweet as honey, but I want to encourage Momo”;  “Momo’s line is mellow, sweet like honey”;  “I like Mina and Momo’s parts”; “Mina’s angelic voice was born to sing OSTs of romantic movies”;  “If JYP chooses suitable songs for Twice, Momo won’t get as much hate as last year”;…

Source: iOne

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