6 idols who digest hanbok perfectly to the point that they could act in historical dramas

While Korean are celebrating Chuseok, KPOP fans have raised discussions to find out 6 idols who wear hanbok most beautifully.

“Hanbok”, Korean traditional clothing, emphasizes the beautiful lines and adds an antique charm to the person wearing it. Korean people used to enjoy wearing hanbok at home during every holiday; however, this cultural pattern is gradually disappearing, and it is not easy to find people wearing hanbok nowadays.

Idols often wear hanbok in various celebrations of their country’s holidays. Among them, netizens have pointed out some idols who perfectly digest the hanbok and appear stunningly in this traditional clothing.


Here are some idols who showed off their elegant beauty in their traditional Korean clothes for the Chuseok holiday.

1. Arin (Oh My Girl)

Arin (Oh My Girl) recently took a series of pictorials in hanbok for the 10th anniversary of a magazine.

kpop idol hanbok

She showed off her elegant visual by wearing a floral patterned skirt and a see-through jeogori (*jeogori: the upper garment of hanbok.) Arin’s perfect image in hanbok gives off an atmosphere of a noble girl in the Joseon Dynasty, fluttering the hearts of fans.

2. Jang Won Young (IZ*ONE)

Jang Won Young is also one of the idols who suits the traditional clothes of Korean perfectly.

kpop idol hanbok

Last year, Jang Won Young took commercial photos for an online shopping site, and many people praised the female idol for her elegant charm. She chose a white jeogori to show off her white jade-like skin and reveals an innocent vibe with light makeup.

3. V (BTS)

In addition, V transformed into a handsome ancient warrior of the Bangtan’s village during the Joseon Dynasty in BTS’s show “Run BTS”. His visual in hanbok was praised for having the vibe of the main lead in historical dramas.

kpop idol hanbok
Recently, V ranked 1st on the vote for “the male idol who looks good in Chuseok hanbok” held on CHOEAEDOL.

He wore a blue hanbok and put on a fake beard in order to look like an ancient warrior, drawing admiration from fans.

4. Yu Jeong (Brave Girls)

The “Squirtle” of Brave Girls is also known as one of the idols who wear hanbok beautifully.

kpop idol hanbok

Yu Jeong captured the hearts of fans by uploading a picture revealing her appearance in a white hanbok on her Instagram. In response, netizens praising her beauty that suits the hanbok, saying, “I wish she could act in a historical drama”.

5. IU

IU already appeared in hanbok several times when she acted in SBS’s drama “Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart Ryeo” and tvN’s “Hotel Del Luna”.

kpop idol hanbok

Fans often recall when IU flaunted her cuteness in a pink hanbok in “Moon Lovers”.mThey said IU’s chubby face added to her lovely appearance in hanbok.

6. Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO)

Lastly, ASTRO Cha Eun Woo is also pointed out as an idol who shows up beautifully in hanbok.

kpop idol hanbok

Selected as a model for a food advertisement last month, he appeared in a 15-second video released recently and showed off his perfect visual of a “handsome young master”. Cha Eun Woo wore a hanbok coat and fluttered his collar, reminding fans of a scene from historical dramas. Moreover, he added an elegant vibe to the outfit by wearing a hat along with his pink and purple hanbok, fluttering the hearts of fans.

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