Jang Nara Further Condemned In China For Allegedly Criticizing Filming Conditions

Once a sensation in the Chinese entertainment industry, Jang Nara is now condemned in China due to her controversial statements

With her immense popularity, Jang Nara’s career did not only flourish in South Korea, but also expanded further into China between 2004 and 2008. However, the actress later became condemned by Chinese people due to a slip of the tongue where she said, “Whenever I run out of money, I always go to China to work”, and thus accused of treating China like her ATM.  

As a result, Jang Nara had to hold a press conference to explain and apologize for her statement, but still couldn’t gain the forgiveness of the Chinese public.

Jang Nara

Now, Jang Nara, who is basically boycotted in China, is facing yet another wave of criticisms. In particular, Chinese media platform Sina reported on November 7 that Jang Nara not only made the aforementioned statement, but also “bad-mouthed” filming conditions in China. 

According to Sina, Jang Nara claimed that during filming in China, she had to comply with hundreds of strict restrictions and faced such great difficulties, she had no time to use the restroom. 

Chinese netizens, however, believed that these statements are mere exaggerations, and accused Jang Nara of taking advantage of the Chinese market for profit but continuously complaining and speaking ill of it. 

jang nara
In the past, Jang Nara was so popular in China that she was selected as the only foreign artist to contribute her voice to the theme song for the Beijing Olympics.
Jang Nara
After a series of controversial statements, however, Jang Nara no longer has any way to return to China for work. 

On the other hand, despite the huge profits that can come from the Chinese entertainment industry, it is not new to see Korean artists being condemned in China, with the latest example being BLACKPINK Lisa. In particular, Lisa is being heavily criticized in the somewhat conservative China after her risque performance at Crazy Horse Paris, despite once being adored, especially when she appeared on the audition show “Youth With You”. 

jang nara
Jang Nara is now leading a peaceful life, focusing on her family and career in South Korea.
lisa blackpink
BLACKPINK Lisa may suffer from the same fate as Jang Nara in China

Source: Sina

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