Min Hyo Rin Stuns with Graceful Beauty in New Update “That’s Why Taeyang Fell in Love”

Actress Min Hyo Rin has revealed her recent status

On September 15th, Min Hyo Rin posted two photos of herself and several daily life photos.

In the photos, Min Hyo Rin is wearing a colorful floral dress and looking at the camera. She also wraps white fabric around her waist to create a unique fashion style. Min Hyo Rin ties her hair low, displaying an innocent charm. She also completes the look with light eye makeup and red lips, flaunting her graceful aura.

In another photo, Min Hyo Rin is taking a selfie in front of a mirror. She exudes a natural yet pure vibe without heavy makeup.

Netizens reacted, “She is the most beautiful in the world,” “Min Hyo Rin herself is like a flower,” and “She looks like a Japanese woman. She is beautiful.”

Min Hyo Rin married singer Taeyang in 2018 and welcomed their son in 2021.

Source: Daum

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