MC Mong Failed to Attend Trial of Park Min-young’s Ex-Lover’s Corruption Case due to “Legal Trauma Syndrome”

The trial for Park Min-young’s ex-lover’s corruption case was recently held, but MC Mong failed to attend as the witness. 

On February 28, MC Mong stated, “I don’t have any coins. I’m just a witness almost victimized by those trying to scam. I apologize (for failing to show) due to my Legal Trauma Syndrome.” 

Earlier on the same day, a media outlet reported that the Seoul Southern District Court’s Criminal Conciliation Division 11 imposed a fine of 3 million won on MC Mong for refusing to attend as a witness in the trial of a corruption case held the previous day. 

MC Mong

According to the report, MC Mong received three summonses as a witness on December 26 last year, January 17 this year, and February 14, but did not attend court. 

“As the testimonies of the witnesses are conflicting, the necessity of MC Mong’s testimony has increased even more,” the court said, adding, “If he does not appear at the next hearing, a warrant for his arrest will be issued.”

MC Mong has been identified as a key witness who can reveal the cryptocurrency listing corruption involving the husband of singer Sung Yuri from Fin.K.L, professional golfer Ahn Sung-hyun, and Kang Jong-hyun – the ex-lover of Park Min-young and the actual owner of Bithumb.

park min young

Meanwhile, MC Mong’s agency stated, “MC Mong (Shin Dong-hyun) recently received a summons as a witness from the Seoul Southern District Court, and we are considering attendance at the trial if necessary,” adding, “However, MC Mong clearly has no direct relevance to the trial content. Please refrain from speculating about the matter related to him.”

Source: Nate

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