Mbappé and Neymar Blamed for Lee Kang-in’s Disrespect towards Son Heung-min?

Recently, an incident between Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in broke out at the 2023 Asian Cup dining hall, greatly shocking Korean fans. 

Mbappé and Neymar-Lee Kang-in
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As a result of this incident, Lee Kang-in is being heavily criticized in Korea due to allegedly “disrespecting” Son Heung-min. Negative comments are thus flooding the soccer player’s SNS, with some netizens even putting the blame on Lee Kang-in’s foreign teammates – Mbappé and Neymar. 

Below are some comments under Lee Kang-in’s latest update on his official Instagram account: 

  • [+27k] Are the things reported by the media true? You dare to do that to the team captain?
  • [+25k] The way Tottenham players respect and follow Son Heung-min as the team captain speaks volumes about how great he is. Lee Kang-in, I thought you were humble, but you’ve become unpredictable.
  • [+23k] The “national team dining table” started when Park Ji-sung became the captain. It’s not just a meal but also a place to bond the team together. Is it right to break that atmosphere by leaving early just to play table tennis? If it happened only once, it wouldn’t be like this, but since you often do it, that’s why Son Heung-min reacted that way. You can act casual on the field, but not off it. You’re wrong this time.
  • [+15k] Kang-in, if you’re that good, become a coach or manager. Growing up in Spain and not being familiar with Korean culture is a pathetic excuse. Punching Son Heung-min… that’s really shocking.
  • [+15k] What’s this? Are Son Heung-min’s broken fingers related to you, Lee Kang-in? You’ve received a lot of attention since joining PSG, but what you show on media is all about unacceptable behavior and speech/ Are you considering yourself a star because people praise you as the youngest? Everything will end if you explain clearly. Explain it yourself.
  • [+12k] Is it because you’re surrounded by Mbappé and Neymar that you look down on the team captain like that?
  • [+12k] Lee Kang-in, I know you have many passionate fans, but I’m writing this ready to be criticized. If it was before a match, I think a professional player should spend time figuring out the weaknesses and characteristics of the opponent they’ll face. No matter how you treat Son Heung-min, football is a team sport, and he’s the team captain. Of course, arguing is personal, but do you know why people curse you? Look at your play in the game after that argument; you’re trapped 9/10 times, the opponent always knows your next move. Have you studied them at all? The opponent surely has studied you thoroughly. Looking at your playstyle, even without the argument incident, I think you’ve already created anger in public opinion. Lee Kang-in, you’re good at soccer , but that’s not everything. Football is a team sport, if you intend to play individualistically, switch to playing table tennis.

Source: Instagram

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