Park Shi Hoo: a famous actor who lost everything over a false scandal, regained his fame only to fall again

Despite most people believing in the actor’s innocence, Park Shi Hoo never managed to return to his prime. 

A famous actor who once had it all 

Park Shi Hoo, whose real name is Park Pyung Ho, entered the acting industry in 2002, and quickly gained attention for his handsome face, gorgeous body, and outstanding acting talent. As he started out as a model, Park Shi Hoo worked his way up from minor roles, and only assumed his first leading character at the age of 32, in the K-drama “Family’s Honor”, quickly becoming a relevant name. 

park shi hoo

2 years later, Park Shi Hoo got his big breakthrough in the series “Queen of Reversals”. His character in this particular work was so well-loved, that the screenwriter even had to fix the script to give Park Shi Hoo a more satisfying ending. The actor then continued to hit it big with series like “The Princess’ Man” and “Cheongdamdong Alice”, making him a top star in Korea. 

Park Shi Hoo
Park Shi Hoo became famous through works like “Queen of Reversals”, “The Princess’ Man”, and “Cheungdamdong Alice”. 

Lost everything over a false scandal 

In 2013, Park Shi Hoo was highly-anticipated to become a movie star through the investigation cinematic work “Confession of Murder”. However, before he could enjoy the film’s success, the actor was faced with a serious scandal. In particular, a trainee (from now on referred as “A”), reported Park Shi Hoo to court for forcing her to have sexual intercourse with him. To which, Park Shi Hoo countered that he was meeting A with good feelings, and whatever they did were completely consensual. However, A maintained that she was blackout drunk when the actor had his way with her. 

Park Shi Hoo

Immediately, Park Shi Hoo became the talk of town. However, every related party defended the actor. His previous agency, despite no longer working with Park Shi Hoo, stepped out to protect the actor. Meanwhile, the owner of the restaurant where Park Shi Hoo and A dated revealed that A did not look drunk, and could even walk stably down the stairs. Even K, a friend of A, expressed his regrets for introducing A to Park Shi Hoo, explaining that A often acted strangely. 

Park Shi Hoo
Park Shi Hoo was investigated after a woman accused him of rape. 

Because there was so much evidence against A, everyone believed Park Shi Hoo was unjust. Furthermore, the actor’s steadfast determination to reclaim his own innocence boosts public trust. After then, the authorities were unable to apprehend Park Shi Hoo due to a lack of evidence. Finally, A withdrew the lawsuit unexpectedly, and the inquiry was halted.

Trying to rebuild his career but failed

Park Shi Hoo

Despite being acquitted, Park Shi Hoo’s image was tarnished. Contracts with him were unconditionally canceled. After the controversy, Park Shi Ho moved to the United States for three months and then returned to modeling instead of acting. Park Shi Hoo had no new film projects from 2013 to 2016, and despite continually attempting to show his own talent, he was ignored by the public.

Park Shi Hoo

It was not until 2017 that Park Shi Hoo regained some of his fame after My Golden Life, starring Shin Hye Sun. Unexpectedly, in May 2020, Park Shi Hoo was involved in another scandal. Specifically, at the press conference of “The Wind, Cloud And Rain”, Park Shi Hoo shared about the hot scene of his female co-star – Go Sung Hee, he said, “The scene is really attractive, sexy and worth looking forward to. This statement made him accused of harassing his co-star and it was not suitable for Korean culture, although Park Shi Hoo actually just wanted to praise Go Sung Hee.

park shi hoo go sung hee
Park Shi Hoo just wanted to praise Go Sung Hee but he received criticism
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