Big Bang, the return of the king tonight 

Big Bang’s long-awaited comeback is on the way!


Big Bang is coming back soon. This is the first new song in 4 years, heralding the biggest event in the music industry this spring, making music fans extremely excited. The news of the comeback has raised the expectations of music fans around the world and whether Big Bang will show a true comeback of a “king”.

Big Bang will release a new song at midnight on the 5th and make a comeback. This is the first new song released in about 4 years with all 4 members participating since the single “Flower Road”, which was released in March 2018. They will prove their perfect presence with Big Bang‘s story and ‘hip’ music.

BIGBANG‘s new song title is “Still Life,” which is known as a song that implicitly expresses the members’ past time. YG asked for expectations, saying, “It contains Big Bang’s sincere music and message.” Through this new song, Big Bang is expected to sing about the time they have spent during the past four years of absence. Through the sequentially released comeback content, the poetic narrative of the new song is implied, making us expect more mature music from Big Bang.

Bigbang-Still Life

Above all, this new song is also expected to enhance the perfection of Big Bang‘s unique punchline and sensual rapping. It is expected that the inner sensibility hidden behind BIGBANG was completed with their deep music.

In particular, some lyrics of “Still Life” released before the release of the new song very well conveyed Big Bang‘s appearance, worries, and inner feelings. Not only the lyrical quality as it was of a poem but also the charm of the subtle rhyme made a strong impression. Fans are expected to sympathize with and support Big Bang‘s feelings and inner changes over the past four years.

As fans from around the world cheered on the comeback announcement, Big Bang is expected to prove the ‘return of the king’ once again with this comeback. The return of Big Bang, which is considered to be the biggest event in the music industry this spring, is paying attention to what kind of music will satisfy expectations.

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