“Mask Girl” director explains Nana & Han Jae Yi’s friendship in drama version, “Mo Mi kills Chun Ae in the original story but…”

“Mask Girl” director Kim Yong Hoon revealed the reason Nana and Han Jae Yi’s relationship was changed in the drama.

On August 26th, the official YouTube channel of Netflix Korea uploaded a behind-the-scenes commentary video titled “Director episodes! The perfect director who doesn’t need directing?”.

Director Kim Yong Hoon of Netflix’s original series “Mask Girl” and the cast, including Go Hyun Jung, Nana & Lee Han Byul (as Ki Mo Mi), Ahn Jae Hong (Joo Oh Nam), Yeom Hye Ran (as Kim Kyung Ja), talked about behind-the-scenes stories of “Mask Girl”.

Nana, who played the main character Kim Mo Mi, made hot topics with her close bond with Han Jae Yi, who appeared in the drama as Kim Chun Ae. Regarding the scene where Kim Mo Mi hits Bu Yong played by Lee Joon Young to save Kim Chun Ae, Nana said, “I felt a little burdened. I was afraid that it might hurt him when I did that”. Director Kim Yong Hoon then said, “I was wondering how to direct the hit properly, then Nana did it so confidently like she was angry at someone”, drawing laughter. Yeom Hye Ran added, “I guess the director really liked that scene. I had a shoot the next day and he showed it to me. The scene came out so well.”

In the end, Kim Mo Mi joins hands with Han Jae Yi to strangle Bu Yong. Nana shared, “My mother watched that scene and she cried. Seeing two women joining forces as they have no choice but to kill him to get out of there made her get emotional”.

Yeom Hye Ran exclaimed, “How did you come up with such an amazing directing?”. Director Kim Yong Hoon said, “At first, I made Mo Mi kill Chun Ae for some reason, but as I continued to build the story, I thought it would be great if Chun Ae and Mo Mi looked like twins, identical characters.”

Then what does Kim Chun Ae mean to Kim Mo Mi? Nana shared, “She’s like another version of me. At that moment, who else does Mo Mi have? When you meet a friend who is so similar to you both in personality and appearance, someone you can empathize with and understand even a little, you end up relying on them for everything. I feel like I must protect her.”

Director Kim Yong Hoon said, “This is one of the biggest changes I made to the script compared to the original story. Originally, Mo Mi and Chun Ae are in conflict until the end, and Mo Mi kills Chun Ae. But as I was writing episode 4, I found the two characters looking alike. I realized it couldn’t go on like this and changed the story to them forming an alliance.”

Nana added, “When Chun Ae and I do the ‘Saturday Night’ dance then do the pose at the end and smile while looking at each other, it was a shot where you could feel Mo Mi’s happiness, even though it’s a brief moment. Mo Mi and Chun Ae are smiling, but they look sad at the same time.”

Source: Nate

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