Han So Hee’s new action thriller gets high scores and is praised by netizens: More violent than Squid Game!

Han So Hee has a striking makeover in Netflix’s latest series My Name, making viewers around the world satisfied.

On October 15, Netflix’s new action thriller series called My Name was officially released to worldwide viewers. In this series, the female lead is played by Han So Hee – who is known as the “muse” of Netflix Korea over the past few months. Han So Hee plays Ji Woo – a young girl who takes part in an organized crime ring and infiltrates the police force as an undercover in order to avenge her father. Immediately after its release, My Name has received countless good reviews.

my name

On two famous review platforms, IMDb and Douban, My Name gets positive reactions from the viewers. The series receives a score of 8.2/10 on IMDb with 344 reviews. On Douban, My Name records a score of 7.9/10 with 1672 reviews. These numbers not only prove the quality of the series, but also the outstanding performance of the rising actress Han So Hee.

my name
My Name’s score on Douban
my name
Han So Hee’s brand new look in this drama

A Korean audience commented on the “My Name” series: “Just one word, Han So Hee is amazing. Her career will change thanks to this drama. I wasn’t very interested in her before but thanks to this drama, I fell in love with her. Han So Hee’s acting ability in ‘My Name’ is brilliant.

This series’ level of violence is likely to be higher than that of Squid Game; children should not watch it. The storyline is also built logically. D.P, Squid Game and My Name are definitely the best Korean dramas of the year.”

my name

Not only being praised by Korean audiences, My Name is also gradually attracting worldwide attention.  Many netizens have praised the work as well as Han So Hee’s impressive makeover as Ji Woo.  ‘My Name’ even has daring bed scenes that shocked audiences who often follow Korean dramas.

  • The heroine’s love affair with the detective made me breathless.
  • Han So Hee is better suited to roles like Ji Woo than to the role of good girl Nabi in ‘Nevertheless.’
  • The drama’s content, cast, and even the soundtrack are all of high quality. Very appealing!
  • I spent the whole night watching the full series.  It’s too tempting.

Source: K14

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