“Marry My Husband” Lee Lee-Kyung vs “Queen Of Divorce” Oh Min-seok: Who Is The More “Trashy Husband”?

Lee Yi-kyung, who recently played the cheating husband Park Min-hwan in tvN’s “Marry My Husband,” is raising viewers’ blood pressure with his unbearable acting.

marry my husband

Park Min-hwan not only treats his wife Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young) badly, but also has an affair with her best friend Jung Soo-min (Song Ha-yoon). He is also a vicious character who kills Kang to seek death insurance after learning that she has cancer. Lee was fully immersed in the character of “Trash Husband” Park Min-hwan. His eyes and facial expressions, which are comically changing every moment, maximize the violent and trashy character of Park Min-hwan, bringing fun to the drama. At a press conference, Lee said, “Even I hate the character. As a result, I will be cursed by many people. Those who are immersed in the drama, so please do more. I will know that the drama is loved a lot.”

On the other hand, actor Oh Min-seok is alào an anger trigger by playing Noh Yul-sung, the former husband of Kim Sa-ra (Lee Ji-ah) and the representative lawyer of Cha Yul Law Firm in JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Queen of Divorce.”

Oh Min-seok

Noh Yul-seong proved he was a bad man from his first appearance. He showed his villainous side while rationalizing his fake divorce from his ex-wife and sending her to prison to remarry the female chairman of the judiciary committee in order to gain recognition from his mother. In addition, Yul-seong shamelessly pretended to be gentle, comforting Sa-ra at the funeral of her mother (played by Kang Ae-sim), who died to protect her image. Oh Min-seok doubles the character’s charm with realistic facial expressions that go back and forth between anger and joy, and captivates viewers with his mean eyes.

Asked earlier at a press conference, Oh said, “I also enjoyed watching Park Min-hwan’s drama and watching his role. (By the way) His role is different from mine. I think he is a villain with a different set of views.”

Source: Sports Chosun

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