Harry Styles Hit in the Face by Bouquet During Concert

Harry Styles was hit in the face by a bouquet of flowers thrown from the stands during a concert in Cardiff City, England.

On June 21, the Daily Mail reported on the incident involving Harry Styles during his solo concert. At that time, he was on stage greeting the audience, and many people were throwing flower bouquets at him.

Unexpectedly, someone from the stands threw the entire bouquet, and unfortunately, it hit the singer directly in the face. Harry Styles was surprised, touched his face with his hand, and appeared confused.

However, he regained his professionally handled the situation and continued waving to his audience. This was a concert as part of “Love On Tour”.

Previously, Harry Styles had encountered several instances of fans throwing objects on stage and hitting him. In 2017, when his song “Kiwi” became popular, fans brought fresh kiwi fruit and threw them on stage during his performances.

However, an accident occurred when Harry Styles stepped on a kiwi fruit on the stage floor, causing him to almost slip and fall. This incident led fans to condemn the act of throwing kiwi fruit and issue warnings against throwing objects on stage while Harry Styles is performing.

Harry Styles

In another instance, Harry Styles was hit in the eye by a thrown candy, which affected his performance as he couldn’t keep his eyes open throughout the act. Additionally, he has faced many other mishaps caused by objects thrown on stage by fans.

Clearly, throwing objects on stage, even as a display of affection without malicious intent or violence, poses a danger to the performer. They can slip, get injured while dancing, or face even greater danger when objects hit their bodies.

Source: K14. 

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