“Marry My Husband” drama version embroiled in controversy “What’s the ending of the original work?”

tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama "Marry My Husband", which captured both topicality and ratings, suddenly found itself embroiled in controversy

Following a recent episode, many viewers began criticizing the plot, claiming that it was going downhill. Posts like “Worsening reactions to the Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Marry My Husband‘” appeared on major online communities such as theqoo, fueling further controversy.

The controversy stemmed from the introduction of a new character, Oh Yura (played by BoA), starting from episode 11 aired on Feb 5th. Negative feedback on the plot began to emerge as the drama unfolded with slightly altered stories from the original web novel, leading to a disjointed narrative. With only a few episodes left until the finale, viewers expressed frustration as the unfavorable development continued.

marry my husband

In particular, criticism was directed towards the character of Oh Yura. While she appeared in the original web novel, she was omitted from the webtoon adaptation of the same name. Some argued that since Oh Yura was a character from the web novel but not the webtoon, her sudden appearance in the drama disrupted the story unnecessarily.

Furthermore, complaints arose regarding the portrayal of Oh Yura as the ultimate villain in the ongoing drama, leading to a loss of coherence and enjoyment. This deviation from the original story direction affected the charm of previously acclaimed characters.

Critics also questioned BoA’s portrayal of Oh Yura, further intensifying the debate.

marry my husband

“Marry My Husband” is based on a web novel and webtoon, both of which are time-travel stories. The overarching narrative involves returning to the past with full memories and spirits, leading to new developments from that point onward. Both the web novel and webtoon conclude with a highly anticipated refreshing ending, which garnered much love and attention from fans due to well-executed plot twists and coherent developments.

Now, the question arises as to whether the ongoing drama version of “Marry My Husband” will provide a satisfactory ending to viewers and what type of unexpected plot twists will unfold.

Source: Wikitree

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