Only after aespa finished promoting did SM responds to reports on aespa ‘Black Mamba’ MV’s alleged plagiarism

After more than a month of aespa debut and having to deal with controversy over plagiarizing the MV of K / DA, SM finally spoke up about the incident.

SM’s new generation girl group, aespa, is one of the most noticeable groups at the end of the year.  Being at the center of attention means that aespa is also involved in controversies.  Immediately after releasing a teaser for MV Black Mamba, aespa disappointed people when the group was accused of plagiarizing K / DA’s MV POP / STARS – a virtual female group that was often compared with aespa.

aespa 'Black Mamba' MV's alleged plagiarism
aespa 'Black Mamba' MV's alleged plagiarism
aespa 'Black Mamba' MV's alleged plagiarism

Previously, SM did not make any official announcement on this incident.  But more than a month later, on December 22, it was only until aespa stopped promoting that SM officially responded to the allegations in an interview with Sports Kyunghyang, stating, “We contacted the artist and company that are being mentioned related to some scenes in the Aespa ‘Black Mamba’ music video, and we spoke with them while explaining our planning intentions and [the group’s] world story.” They continued, “The artist and company understood our agency’s planning and production process and they confirmed that they have no objections to the music video scene.” Thus, it means that only when SM reached an agreement did the company officially announce to the public about the incident.

Korean netizens’ comments on SM’s “belated” response:

– No company with a small army of lawyers simply explains themselves to the people they ripped off unless both parties already made a settlement deal during mediation. But hey if SM wants to play their innocence for the tabloids go ahead.

– Wouldn’t it be easier for SM to credit and pay these artists from the start? Makes no sense.

– Like many large corporations, SM probably thought they wouldn’t get caught ripping off small, independent artists. That doesn’t work anymore, with social media so prevalent. Somebody is going to notice and recognize the original work.

– And so, SM gets away again with plagiarism. Interesting how they can get away with it for so long after so many offenses. Other groups were harassed for much less

– So SM stole things and later paid back for the things that they stole. It would be easier just to not steal and pay for the thing.

– It’s just a little too late


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