MAMAMOO’s Solar, flexing her 4.5 billion won building → Youtube monthly revenue of over 300 million won

MAMAMOO member Solar ranked No.12 on the list of “stars who flex expensive real estate” released by TMI NEWS SHOW.

On May 18th, Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW” gave talks under the theme of “Latest edition! Star who flex expensive real estate”. 


MAMAMOO’s Solar ranked 12th place among stars with the most expensive real estate. The singer once revealed that her monthly Youtube income was 100 million won Since the number of her subscribers has increased a lot, it is estimated that she is making 300 million won in a month with Youtube content.


Solar gave cash to her parents as gifts and bought a luxury SUV. In 2021, she also flexed her new building. Solar’s pick is a small building in Changcheon-dong.


According to reports, the building is located in the middle of a super-luxury commercial district near Sinchon Station. The monthly rent of the building is said to be 7 million won. Solar surprised everyone as she purchased it with 4.5 billion won. 

Source: nate

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