Makeup and Hair Done in Airport Restroom – SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan’s Shocking Fashion Week Experience

Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN) has shared his challenging journey to Fashion Week.

Many Korean idols invited to Fashion Week events in recent years, but not all trips are smooth sailing. In the latest vlog released on the evening of September 7th, Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN) shocked his fans with the behind-the-scenes stories of his appearance at the Saint Laurent show during Berlin Fashion Week in June.

Jeonghan Berlin Fashion Week
Jeonghan Berlin Fashion Week

Jeonghan revealed that because there were no direct flights to Berlin, he and his team had to transit through Paris. However, due to weather conditions, their flight was delayed for several hours, and Jeonghan himself was stuck at the airport for 24 hours, severely affecting their schedule. When the whole team finally landed in Berlin, they only had 2 hours to prepare for the Saint Laurent show. Moreover, some of their luggage was temporarily lost.

To save time, the team did Jeonghan’s hair and makeup right in the restroom near the airport. Thanks to this, he managed to appear at the show looking impeccable.

Jeonghan Berlin Fashion Week
Jeonghan had to do his makeup and hair in the airport restroom due to a lack of time.

After this vlog was uploaded, Jeonghan received a lot of positive reaction from netizens, who admired the efforts and professionalism of both him and his team.

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