LOONA’s 3rd debut anniversary and the story behind their global success

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of LOONA’s debut.

LOONA’s 3rd debut anniversary and the story behind their global success

On August 19, celebrating their 3rd debut anniversary, LOONA posted handwritten letters on fancafe to thank their fans.

In the letter, Chuu said, “3 years passed like a movie. We will write more stories together and create a new happy ending.”. Jinsoul expressed, “It’s more meaningful because we could celebrate this anniversary with Haseul as a whole group. I feel that I have become stronger, and the members have become inseparable. They are my precious friends and also my family members”. Hyunjin shared, “We will try our best in order to show our fans the greatest performances.”

LOONA debuted in August 2018 with their album “[++]”. After the debut, they have shown such remarkable growth through concepts and performances. It is not an exaggeration to say that all the members are the main characters in their songs.

LOONA’s 3rd debut anniversary and the story behind their global success

Their lead single “365” and their 1st repackage mini-album “[XX]” charted No.1 on the U.S’s iTunes single and album charts. They were the first KPOP girl group and the second group, after BTS, to achieve this record. Their next album – [#] – swept the top iTunes album charts in 56 countries, proving the group’s popularity worldwide.

Since their 3rd mini-album “Midnight(12:00)” was released, LOONA began to soar with an upward trend. With “Midnight”, LOONA became the 6th female singer, after BoA, Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, TWICE, and BLACKPINK to enter Billboard 200, at No.112. In particular, they were the first girl group from a small company to enter the Billboard chart.

In addition, they broke their own records and achieved continuous milestones such as: entering 7 other Billboard charts, entering the British Rolling Stone Album Chart TOP200, charting No.1 on iTunes album charts in 49 countries, charting No.1 on iTunes Album Worldwide Chart for 3 consecutive days, “Why Not?” became the fastest MV of LOONA to hit 10 million views, being listed in TOP 20 rookie girl groups of 2020, etc.

LOONA’s 3rd debut anniversary and the story behind their global success

LOONA’s English song “Star” ranked No.1 on the MediaBase’s North American radio chart TOP40 for 9 consecutive weeks, making it the longest entry record in the history of KPOP’s girl groups. MediaBase is the company that monitors media, records data, and publishes charts for more than 1,800 media outlets in the U.S and Canada. Radio chart is used as a criteria to measure a singer’s popularity in the U.S music market. Therefore, it is not easy for a foreign artist to make an entry into this chart. However, along with BTS, MONSTA X, and BLACKPINK, LOONA ranked 4th on this chart.

Moreover, LOONA’s 4th mini-album “[&]”, released in June, topped the iTunes Worldwide chart for 3 consecutive days and swept the top of iTunes album charts in 36 regions around the world. As a result, LOONA became the first KPOP girl group to chart No.1 on the iTunes album chart in the U.S. Their title song “PTT” also got its 1st win on the music show. The song’s MV ranked No.1 on Youtube Worldwide Trending and exceeded 30 million views within a week of its release, breaking LOONA’s previous record in the shortest time.

With these achievements, LOONA has shown steady growth since their debut, proving them as a top girl group of the 4th generation. In the future, LOONA is expected to continue with many activities in various fields, including advertisements, OST, variety shows, and magazine shootings.

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