Lim Ji Yeon’s Astonishing Natural Beauty When She Was 20 in an Indie Film Not Many People Know About

The past appearance of Lim Ji Yeon at 20 years old has been revealed.

On August 22nd, on the SBS show ‘Disarmament’, actress Lim Ji Yeon made an appearance.

MCs Jun Hyun Moo and Jang Do Yeon praised Lim Ji Yeon’s recent works, ‘The Glory‘ and ‘Lies Hidden in My Garden‘, and also mentioned her past works. Jang Do Yeon recommended Lim Ji Yeon’s past work ‘When September Ends’, and Lim Ji Yeon was moved by Jang Do Yeon’s recognition, saying, “It was something I filmed when I was 20.”

Jang Do Yeon said, “They say Lim Ji Yeon was famous when she was in school,” and Lim Ji Yeon explained, “No, that’s not true. After doing one or two projects, I started getting introduced to independent films a lot within the school. I filmed them while using public transportation, wearing my own clothes.”

Jang Do Yeon commented, “Even at 20 years old, that’s a young age,” admiring Lim Ji Yeon’s passion for acting that she had pursued with a clear dream from that time. At the same time, the revealed appearance of 20-year-old Lim Ji Yeon drew attention with her youthful charm, which is similar to her current self but even more fresh.

Jun Hyun Moo mentioned the film ‘Obsessed’, which left a strong impression of Lim Ji Yeon on the audience. Lim Ji Yeon said, “I think my image suited historical dramas well. They almost decided based on just seeing my face with a mask.”

Jun Hyun Moo inquired, “After that, you weren’t seen much. Was the aftermath of doing exposed scenes the reason casting didn’t come?” Lim Ji Yeon responded, “I consistently worked on new projects. I really lived my 20s diligently. Aside from ‘The Glory’ that garnered a lot of attention, I took on lead and supporting roles in various works, spending my 20s in diverse challenges.”

Lim Ji-yeon

Source: Nate

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