Legendary Korean film that recorded 44 million views despite low resolution

The Korean Federation of Film Archives will release the 1986 film “Mulberry” starring Lee Mi Sook and Lee Dae Geun in 4K through the YouTube channel “Korean Classic Film”.

Based on Na Do Hyang’s novel of the same name, “Mulberry” depicts the story of “An Hyeop”, a woman with a gambler husband who wanders around the country, and “Sam Dol”, who has an eye on her.


This work was recognized for its cinematic quality by winning Best Film and Best Director at numerous film festivals. Lee Mi Sook, who played the lead role, also performed passionately and won Best Actress not only in Korea but also at Asia-Pacific film festivals.

With the great success of “Mulberry”, many works of the same genre came out, making the image of erotic works become popular. However, the Korean Federation of Film Archives explained that “Mulberry” is distinguished from other erotic works due to its excellent cinematic quality.


In order to make it easy for viewers to access Korean classic films, classic films have been restored in HD resolution and released the YouTube channel “Korean Classic Film”, but “Mulberry” is the first film to be released in 4K quality. For reference, “Mulberry”, which is being serviced in SD quality, recorded 44.27 million views.

Starting with “Mulberry”, Korean classic films such as “Festival”, “The Village of Mist”, “Sopyonje”, “Madame Freedom” and “Money” will be released on YouTube in 4K versions one after another. These works will be newly uploaded twice a month for 3 months from August 28th to November 27th.

Source: Daum

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