NewJeans Minji’s Recent Controversial Hand Gesture Sparks Speculation About Smoking Habit

Netizens showed mixed reactions to Minji’s hand gesture on a recent livestream

Recently, NewJeans had a livestream session with fans to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Bunnies fandom. Throughout the livestream, the girls expressed their sincere gratitude to the Bunnies for their love and support. However, a moment where member Minji held a whistle to join the party shocked many people because her actions seemed like she was smoking.

Controversial actions of Minji (NewJeans) caused netizens to believe she has smoking habit

Specifically, many people believe that instead of holding and using the party whistle in a “normal” way with her thumb and index finger, she used her index and middle fingers. When she brought it to her mouth, Minji’s movements resembled smoking. It’s worth noting that her actions seemed very natural, leading some to wonder if Minji has a smoking habit.

After the livestream, this moment quickly spread on social media. Minji’s controversial gestures and actions led to differing opinions. Some people asserted that:

  • I don’t smoke but I often do that
  • How could it be a coincidence? ㅋ
  • Let people think the way they want
  • She’s a model student. No one would think she smokes when seeing thatㅋㅋㅋ
  • Wow, we cannot trust celebrities’ images
  • I’ve never touched a cigarette before, but I also do that sometimes
  • Even if she smokes, what’s wrong? She’s already an adult
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