Lee Young Ae Shines in Latest Drama: A Downpour of Praise for Her Stunning Beauty and Outstanding Grace

This film has a favorable start with stable ratings, and the female lead leaves a strong impression

After the conclusion of “Castaway Diva,” tvN continues to unveil a new work, titled “Maestra: Strings of Truth.” The recently first episode achieved an average nationwide rating of 4.2%, surpassing the opening viewership of “Castaway Diva,” which was 3.2%.

From the opening moments of the episode, actress Lee Young Ae made a striking appearance as Cha Se Eun, a powerful and beautiful conductor with a determined demeanor and sharp gaze. Audiences were captivated by the return of the ” Korean national beauty”, a truly perfect image, and a remarkable upgrade in beauty compared to her previous role in “Inspector Koo.”


“Maestra: Strings of Truth”‘s 1st Episode introduces the appearance of Cha Se Eum, known as a world-renowned conductor. She delivered a perfect performance with her orchestra while revealing her unique and assertive personality, making her opponents wary.

In her first appearance at the Hangang Symphony Orchestra, Se Eum rejected the newly appointed conductor. Her straightforwardness and direct addressing of each person’s flaws motivated them to improve themselves, enhancing overall harmony.

The drama also introduces conflict in the first episode when Cha Se Eum appoints the new violinist, Lee Luna (played by Hwang Bo Reum), as the conductor for the concert. This angers the orchestra members, leading them to practice separately.


Currently, Episode 1 of “Maestra: Strings of Truth” is receiving praise from viewers, primarily focusing on Lee Young Ae’s flawless performance. Additionally, the collaboration between her and Hwang Bo Reum adds to the audience’s enjoyment.

Source: tVN, K14

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