Lee Sung-kyung Reveals Her Thoughts About Suga, “You Act Like The Eldest In BTS But You’re A Baby To Us” 

On February 5th, BTS’s YouTube channel “BANGTANTV” uploaded a video titled “Suchwita EP.26 SUGA with Lee Sung-kyung”. The video shows the actress having a sincere conversation with her close friend Suga.

Suga said, “We’re so close. We’ve known each other for three years. After the pandemic broke out and our tour got canceled… It was the first time I went out after that to meet people. When I first met you, and even now, I feel like our energy levels are totally opposite”

Lee Sung-kyung

Lee Sung-kyung reacted, “But you can be hyper sometimes too”. Suga replied, “Well, that’s when I’m in a good mood and kind of tipsy. I get hyper maybe twice a year?”.

The two became friends through mutual friends who are musicians. Suga said, “You’re bright, cheerful and full of energy. When I first met you, I felt like we wouldn’t be able to be friends. You and I were so different. For me, it’s like when I see people with high levels of energy, I kind of freeze up”.

Lee Sung-kyung then shared, “The group of people that met that day all clicked really well together. No one stands out. In your team, you always have to act like the eldest. You have to be responsible and stay centered. You’re not someone who lets people baby you and you find that awkward too”. 

Suga added, “It’s the first time I’ve been the youngest in a group”. Lee Sung-kyung continued, “To us, you’re just the baby, the youngest. You’re the best! That’s how we rooted for you and how we expressed ourselves. Whatever you do, we’re okay with and you’re always supported no matter what. We look out for you”.

Source: Daum

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