Lee Sun-bin Recalls Her School Days, “I Stole A Coin Purse And Left Home To Become Celebrity”

Actress Lee Sun-bin told an anecdote of when she ran away from home in her school days

On December 9th, the YouTube channel “Ggondaehee” uploaded a new content video featuring actress Lee Sun-bin as a guest.

That day, Lee Sun-bin introduced her new project, which is Coupang Play’s series “Boyhood”, saying “It’s a period drama”. Starring Lee Sun-bin, Im Si-wan, Lee Si-woo and Kang Hye-won, the drama premiered on November 24th.

When Kim Dae-hee asked, “How were your school days?”, Lee Sun-bin replied, “I was a very bright and playful kid. I won all kinds of awards unrelated to studying”. Praising Lee Sun-bin, Kim Dae-hee said, “Seems like you have a good personality. You’re very easygoing.”

Suddenly, Lee Sun-bin confessed, “I ran away from home once when I was in my third year of high school and became a celebrity”. Explaining the reason, she said, “I did a musical in Daehak-ro in the first year of high school and played the main character in a children’s play. Since I couldn’t go to school because of the musical practice, I almost failed the exams. I found my dream but I couldn’t do any musicals in Grade 2. Entering Grade 3, I felt like I was already late. I realized my dream but couldn’t do anything to achieve it.”

In addition, she honestly shared, “I wrote a letter to my mom and left home. I stole a coin purse and stuff at home before leaving”. Surprised by Lee Sun-bin’s confession, Kim Dae-hee commented, “Your courage is so admirable, but the process is not something normal people would do. It may be a little bit weird but I’m amazed by the way you decided to take challenges to achieve your dream”

Netizens who watched the video commented, “She was very funny in the drama ‘Work Later, Drink Now’. I also found her attractive in this video”, “I always enjoy your works. I’m glad that you’re doing a great job”, “Her acting is really good”, “Looks like she’s a very hard-working person”, etc.

Meanwhile, the dynamic youth drama “Boydhood” starring Lee Sun-bin is available on Coupang Play.

Source: Naver

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