BTS Jimin’s title song “Like Crazy” in new solo album drew mixed reviews

While BTS Jimin’s MV for “Like Crazy” is praised for showing a more mature and attractive image, his vocals receive controversial comments.

On March 24th, BTS Jimin officially released the MV for “Like Crazy”, the title song of his solo album “Face.” The synth-pop song boasts captivating and soothing melodies, which intertwines with the loud and resounding sound of the drum and the synthesizer. The two contrasts aim to express the singer’s effort to escape reality and forget about pains of the past.

Meanwhile, prior to the reveal of “Like Crazy”, the pre-released single “Set Me Free Pt.2” was the talk of town. 

BTS Jimin

 “Like Crazy” catches attention with visually impressive scenes along with Jimin’s captivating expression. In contrast, the vocal part of the song receives mixed feedback for being “too lackluster” for a title track. As a solo debut of a world-famous male idol, the stakes are much higher and listeners were expecting more.

As a result, though Jimin’ mature and sensual charm manages to shine through with this debut, the male idol’s voice fall under scrutiny. In particular, many netizens claimed that the song used excessive autotune that overshadowed Jimin’s vocal. 

Nevertheless, Jimin’s “Like Crazy” is doing extremely well, having debuted at 10th place on MelOn’s Top 100 chart, with all tracks in the album landing high on iTunes across various countries and regions. Meanwhile, on YouTube, the MV for “Like Crazy” has garnered 2,7 million views and 1 million likes after 3 hours of release. 

BTS Jimin
“Like Crazy” debuts at 10th place on MelOn 
BTS Jimin
“Like Crazy” digital performance 

Netizens’ comments:  

  • The song used autotune excessively. 
  • It would have been better for a b-side. 
  • I think Jimin deserves a better song with proper investment. 

Source: K14

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