Nam Joo Hyuk deployed to Military Police Unit Division 32 ‘Baekryong Unit’ after training

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk (29 years old) has been assigned to a unit after completing five weeks of basic training.

According to a report by OSEN on May 18th, Nam Joo Hyuk has recently been deployed to the Military Police Unit Division 32 after completing the second military police training at the general administrative school.


The Military Police Unit (Baekryong Unit) Division 32 is located in Geumnam-myeon, Sejong City, and this military unit defends the Daejeon, Sejong, and Chungnam areas.

Nam Joo Hyuk enlisted on March 20th and is expected to be discharged on September 19th, 2024.

Meanwhile, Disney+’s new original series “Vigilante” (directed by Choi Jung Yeol/ produced by STUDIO N) that Nam Joo Hyuk filmed before joining the army will premiere soon.

Source: Daum

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