Lee Seung Gi “These days, I think about how to be happy”

Lee Seung Gi, who is about to marry actress Lee Da In, posted a video about his worries about the second act of his life.

On March 29th, a video titled “ENCORE – Sing Again” was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Lee Seung Gi’s one-man agency “Human Made”.

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Lee Seung Gi introduced, “ENCORE is a road movie that captures Lee Seung Gi traveling and making music in order to have time to recharge.”

In the video, Lee Seung Gi showed himself making music and singing while traveling with his agency’s staff. He revealed his changed values, “In the past, I didn’t think about how to be happy. ‘How can I do better? Will I be more successful?’ I only thought like this. These days, I think about how to be happy.”

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Meanwhile, last February, Lee Seung Gi announced his marriage to actress Kyeon Mi Ri’s daughter Lee Da In on April 7th.

Lee Seung Gi talked about Lee Da In, “She is a warm-hearted and loving person who I want to have by my side forever. We want to share joy together without letting go of each other’s hand even when there are hardships in life.”

Source: wikitree

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