Lee Sang Yeob and Jung Eun Ji to reportedly take the lead roles in “Genie, Earth”

Actors Lee Sang Yeob and Jung Eun Ji will work together in the drama “Genie, Earth”.

A drama official told JTBC Enter News on April 4th, “Lee Sang Yeob and Jung Eun Ji have been selected to take the lead roles in the drama ‘Genie, Earth’.” In this regard, officials from the agencies of both Lee Sang Yeob and Jung Eun Ji said, “We are reviewing this work after receiving an offer.”

Lee Sang Yeob

“Genie, Earth” tells the story of former prosecutor Kyu Tae, who accidentally gains supernatural powers from alien materials, fighting against the evil forces that try to rule the world. Initially known as “Hero”, the title was finalized as “Genie, Earth”. The drama combines elements of fantasy, romance, action and comedy.

jung eun ji

In the drama, Lee Sang Yeob plays Oh Kyu Tae, a former prosecutor who is currently unemployed. He faces a turning point in his desperate life after communicating with an unknown being. Jung Eun Ji takes on the role of Yoo Ye Joo, a former special forces anti-terrorism instructor turned local police officer who helps Oh Kyu Tae save the world. The synergy between the two is highly anticipated.

“Genie, Earth” is the first drama helmed by director Huh Jong Ho of the movies “Countdown”, “The Advocate: A Missing Body” and “Monstrum”. Writer Park Hee Kang of the drama “Possessed” writes the script. It is produced by Daydream Entertainment, and the broadcasting schedule is undecided.

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