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“Did you feel uncomfortable when Jeon So-min joined ‘Running Man’?”… Song Ji-hyo’s answer is?

Song Ji-hyo confessed her thoughts on “Running Man” member Jeon So-min.

Song Ji-hyo guested on MBC’s entertainment program “Tteokboki Brothers”, which aired on May 10th.

On this day, Song Ji-hyo confessed her feelings about “Running Man” members who have worked together with her for 12 years. Ji Seok-jin asked, “You are not the only female member anymore after Jeon So-min joined us. Did you feel uncomfortable with that?”

Song Ji-hyo

Song Ji-hyo replied, “Rather than feeling uncomfortable, I felt good when So-min joined us”, adding, “The male members often shower together. When playing games with water, men and women have different shower times”. She continued, “Even when I tried to wash up quickly, all the male members were already outside waiting for me. I felt so sorry about that”, adding, “It was so good to have So-min as my comrade because we would take the same amount of time”.

Song Ji-hyo

In addition, Ji Seok-jin cautiously asked, “Weren’t you upset? When actresses appear as guests on the show, they would purposely show displeasure when being teamed up with Song Ji-hyo in order to make people laugh. Of course, not only Song Ji-hyo but the same thing would happen to me”.

Song Ji-hyo answered, “You and I have the same inevitable character relationship. But I would also feel pressured if my teammate liked me so much”, adding, “Honestly, there were many times when I got angry. Perhaps it’s better to show it”.

Song Ji-hyo

Song Ji-hyo, who is not too interested in luxury goods, expressed her view, saying, “I think actresses, actors, entertainers and broadcasters are no different. I don’t have the desire to look better or prettier than anyone since we are doing the same job”.

Source: Nate

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