Korean netizens discuss BLACKPINK members’ image change

Recently, Jennie (BLACKPINK) became the controversial topic on an online forum in Korea.  Netizens think that the female idol has changed too much and she looks bolder and more like a “playgirl” than before.

Following these controversies, another topic appeared on Pann with the title “Not only Jennie but all BLACKPINK members have changed”.  K-netizens pointed out the difference of each member in the years 2017 – 2018 compared to the present time.

Some Korean netizens say they miss BLACKPINK‘s past image, saying that the group suits the stylish, young, and sweet concept of the songs “As If It’s Your Last,” “Ddu-du Ddu-du” or “Forever Young.”

However, the majority of comments argue that every group must mature over time. BLACKPINK’s image has indeed changed, but it has changed for the better and moved to another “next level”.  In the past, they were like the popular girls in high school, but now they look like global stars!

Some comments:

  • I personally prefer the old image of BLACKPINK. Now it feels like they’re so Americanized, not my taste anymore.
  • It’s sad that they’ve changed. To me they suit their old concept better.
  • It is natural for them to change. Not only BLACKPINK but everyone changes at some point. As people become more mature, their styles will no longer stay the same.
  • BLACKPINK gave off major high-teen vibes before, but now they exude classy celebrity aura.
  • Their styles are now on another level.
  • The other members all look stylish and unique, but only Jennie is getting somewhat weird.
  • BLACKPINK looks more comfortable and natural now.

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