Weekly Hot Issues: Park Bo-ram Passed Away, Kim Hieora Resolved Bully Scandal, Kim Sae-ron Failed To Return

In the third week of April, singer Park Bo-ram from "Superstar K2" passed away.

Park Bo-ram’s death

park bo ram

Singer Park Bo-ram reportedly passed away on April 11th at the age of 30. She was found collapsed during a drinking date at an acquaintance’s house and was taken to a hospital, but could not make it. The funeral was postponed due to an autopsy, and a mortuary was set up on April 15th. The autopsy found no signs of murder or suicide.

Kim Hieora resolved bully controversy

kim hieora

About seven months after receiving bully accusations, actress Kim Hieora has made a new stance on the alleged scandal.Kim Hieora had time with the accuser to recalled their long memories and came to understand each other on a series of issues that arose last year. They have decided to support each other’s lives,” said a spokesperson for Kim’s agency. The public showed various responses to Kim’s stance as she seemed to signal her return.

Celebrity manager put hidden camera in the dressing room

kim hwan hee

Actress Kim Hwan-hee reported to the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on April 9th that she found a hidden camera in the dressing room sofa on the sixth floor of the Gwanglim Art Center building and requested an investigation. The suspect who installed the camera was found to be a manager of WM Entertainment. WM Entertainment later announced, “We are aware of the seriousness of this issue and will do our best to soothe the actress.” “After confirming the truth, we immediately excluded the field manager from the artist’s accompanying work and fired him,” it said. “We will cooperate with the police’s investigation as much as possible in case of any possible situation and keep an eye on related contents.”

Kim Sae-ron failed to return

kim soo hyun kim sae ron

Actress Kim Sae-ron, who had been on a break from her entertainment career after causing a stir due to a drunk driving accident and self-made love scandal with Kim Soo-hyun, announced her return with the play “Dongchimi.” However, the play’s production team later announced that Kim Sae-ron will leave the play. She had even filmed the poster, but her name was removed from reservation sites. In May 2022, Kim was fined for hitting street facilities due to drunk driving. She also recently caused a stir after posting a intimate photo taken with actor Kim Soo-hyun on her Instagram.

Idol and soccer player’s love

Lee Mi-joo Song Bum-geun

Lee Mi-joo, a former member of the group Lovelyz, confirmed her romantic relationship with soccer player Song Bum-keun. “We are getting to know each other carefully with good feelings,” her agency Antenna told the eDaily. Along with that, their love-stagram (combination of love and Instagram) is drawing attention.

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