Lee Naeun to appear in “Crash” starring Lee Min-ki “Work hard to overcome controversies”

Former April member-actress Lee Naeun continues her active career by appearing in the new drama "Crash"

According to the broadcasting industry on Feb 22nd, Lee Naeun will appear in ENA’s new drama “Crash”, which is scheduled to premiere in May.

“Crash” depicts the story of the Traffic Crime Investigation Team (TCI), which tracks only car crimes such as insurance fraud, retaliatory driving, call jump and autonomous driving. Actors Lee Min-ki, Kwak Sun-young and Heo Sung-tae take on leading roles, with Park Joon-woo, director of SBS’ drama “Taxi Driver” Season 1, directing.

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In the drama, Lee Naeun appears as a victim in some episodes. Although her appearance is not extensive, it is said that she will leave a strong impression as a crime victim.

Lee Naeun’s appearance in “Crash” is said to have been arranged through her connection with the production team, including director Park Joon-woo. In 2021, Lee Naeun was scheduled to appear in “Taxi Driver” Season 1, but abruptly withdrew due to controversies such as “outcast controversy within April” and “school violence controversy”.

Previously, the “outcast controversy within April” began when former member Lee Hyun-joo, who left the group after a year since debut, claimed to have been bullied by the other members. Lee Naeun and other members denied this, but the controversy escalated to a legal dispute. At the time, the prosecution stated “It is clear that there were general interpersonal problems within the group, but it is difficult to determine whether this constitutes bullying, making it difficult to determine the truthfulness of the allegations” and decided not to prosecute.

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Around the same time, Lee Naeun was also accused of being a perpetrator of school violence. DSP Media, her agency at the time, sued A, who claimed to be a victim of school violence, for spreading false information and damaging Lee Naeun’s reputation, and the accusation was recognized, clearing Lee Naeun’s name. April eventually disbanded in January 2022, and in June of the same year, Lee Naeun signed an exclusive contract with Namoo Actors, signaling a fresh start.

Lee Naeun has recently been actively pursuing her acting career despite past controversies. She returned to the small screen after 3 years with the ongoing SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Flex X Cop”, and it has been confirmed that she will appear in the new drama “i Shopping”, which is known to feature actress Yeom Jung-ah and YouTuber-broadcaster Dex.

Source: Daum

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