The individual popularity ranking of NMIXX members based on fancam views 

NMIXX has just debuted but there is already a gap in each member’s popularity. 

JYP’s rookie girl group NMIXX has been drawing much attention after making their debut on February 22. Although the reactions to NMIXX have been mixed, the members’ visuals, talents and charms have gained plenty of praise. Each member of NMIXX stands out in their own way, but the same as every other Kpop group, there is still a difference in popularity between the members.

NMIXX-Show Champion

1st place: Sullyoon

Ever since she was first introduced by JYP, Sullyoon has received countless compliments from fans and netizens alike for her gorgeous visuals. She has the beauty that perfectly adheres to Korean standards, so after NMIXX’s official debut, it came as no surprise that Sullyoon has become the most popular member, especially in Korea. 

Sullyoon has also proved that she is not just about visuals. Although she doesn’t have many lines in both NMIXX’s debut tracks O.O and TANK, she still manages to make an impression with her live vocals and stage presence during the group’s performances. This explains why Sullyoon’s fancams receive the most views among the members. 

NMIXX Sullyoon
Sullyoon’s pretty visuals and charming facial expressions help her take the spotlight

Sullyoon’s individual fancam on M!Countdown currently has more than 375,000 views. On ALL THE K-POP and Studio Choom, her fancams hit over 473,000 and 608,000 views, respectively. With a total view count of more than 1.4 million, Sullyoon undoubtedly has the highest popularity in NMIXX at the moment.  

Sullyoon promises to be a top female idol of Kpop 4th generation

2nd place: Lily

As the main vocalist of the group, Lily is given the most lines and has the opportunity to show off her incredible vocals in every performance of NMIXX. Her lovely visuals and outstanding singing talent are the biggest reasons why Lily has received much support since even before she debuted in NMIXX

Pre-debut Lily was already famous 

Lily’s fancams are the second most-watched among NMIXX members. To date, her fancam posted on ALL THE K-POP has received more than 538,000 views. Lily‘s fancams on Studio Choom and M!Countdown have garnered over 470,000 and 105,000 views, respectively. Her total view count on 3 fancams has reached more than 1.1 million, ranking 2nd in NMIXX.

Lily is the 2nd most popular member of NMIXX based on fancam views 

3rd place: Jinni

Jinni is the member with the 3rd most singing line on average. Although she has just debuted for a short time, the audience are always impressed by her ability to sing, dance and rap. In addition, the 2004-born beauty also has an eye-catching appearance that brightens up the stage, making many people expect her to become a famous center.

Jinni stands out with pink hair color. 

Therefore, the female idol always attracts the public’s attention every time she appears. Netizens are also extremely interested in her personal fancam. Accordingly, Jinni‘s fancam on ALL THE K-POP has now reached more than 299 thousand views.

Posted on February 27th, her fancam at Studio Choom has more than 291 thousand views. The video of Jinni performing at M!Countdown after more than 1 week has also been viewed by more than 141 thousand people. Up to now, the total number of views of 3 fancams is more than 731 thousand.

4th place: Kyujin

Since JYP announced the group members, Kyujin has received a lot of attention from the audience as she is the youngest member of NMIXX. The female idol has a beautiful and pure beauty. She also attracts attention with her singing and performing skills. In the two songs of the group, Kyujin has the second most vocal line in total.

Kyujin has the second most vocal line in the group. 

Just like the older members, the 2006-born beauty also owns individual fancams with many views. On ALL THE K-POP, Studio Choom and M!Countdown, her fancam has more than 352 thousand, 197 thousand and 143 thousand views respectively. The total number of views that NMIXX‘s youngest member has earned is nearly 693 thousand.

The youngest member of NMIXX is among the brightest faces of K-pop.

5th place: Jiwoo

Jiwoo is the member with the 5th most singing lines on average in the group’s two songs. On ALL THE K-POP, she has more than 216 thousand fancam views. The female idol’s fancams at Studio Choom and M!Countdown reached more than 151 thousand and 116 thousand views respectively. The total number of views Jiwoo obtained from 3 videos is more than 483 thousand.

6th place: Bae

Because of her attractive appearance, Bae is also a prominent member of the group. She is the member with the 6th most singing lines on average in the group’s two songs O.O and TANK. Her fancam, while not as popular as some other members’, maintains a steady number of views.

Bae‘s fancam video posted on ALL THE K-POP currently has more than 185 thousand views. On Studio Choom, she has more than 152 thousand people watching her personal performance video. As for the performance at M!Countdown, Bae received 116 thousand views. Thus, she has more than 453,000 views for all of her fancams.

Bae is highly appreciated but hasn’t had many opportunities to shine
The female idol is in the penultimate position in terms of fancam views.

7th place: Haewon

Haewon is the member with the 4th most singing lines on average in the group’s 2 songs. However, in terms of fancam views, she ranked last. Accordingly, Haewon‘s fancam video on ALL THE K-POP gained more than 175 thousand views.

On Studio Choom, the female idol received more than 173,000 views for her solo fancam. On M! Countdown, her fancam has attracted more than 97,000 views. All three videos of Haewon have more than 445 thousand views in total.

Haewon is the least popular member in the group

There is a significant difference in popularity among NMIXX members, surprising many people. Although the members all possess outstanding beauty and talent, their fancam views are quite different.

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