Nam Goong Min ♥ Jin Ah Reum’s total wedding cost is over 100 million won? Same venue as Son Yeon Jae

The wedding expenses of Nam Goong Min and Jin Ah Reum were revealed in an entertainment program. 

On the October 13th episode of KBS2’s entertainment program “Entertainment company Live”, the wedding ceremony of famous actor Nam Goong Min and his long-term girlfriend, model Jin Ah Reum, was discussed. 

Namgoong-min Jin Ah-reum

In the episode, a wedding expert announced that Nam Goong Min and Jin Ah Reum tied the knot at the same venue where gymnast Son Yeon Jae got married in August last year. 

Namgoong-min Jin Ah-reum

He then explained, “It is a place famous for expensive flowers and meals, The meals are 180,000 won per person.”

Namgoong-min Jin Ah-reum

Regarding the price of Jin Ah Reum’s wedding dress, the wedding expert added, “It costs 700,000 won  to 8 million won to rent a new product. So the total cost is expected to be in the mid-100 million won range.”

Namgoong-min Jin Ah-reum

On the other hand, Nam Goong Min, who just got married, is meeting K-drama lovers via the legal series “One Dollar Lawyer” (also known as “One Thousand Won Lawyer”.)

Source: daum

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