Lee Min-jung left warning message on SNS “It’s dangerous, so be careful”

Lee Min-jung sent a warning message to fans.

On August 6th, actress Lee Min-jung posted a screenshot on her Instagram with the caption “How humid it is… Dangerously humid… It’s dangerous, so be careful everyone!”

lee min jung

The photo shows the current weather condition captured by Lee Min-jung. The indoor humidity is 95%. Her caption “Dangerously humid” attracts attention.

Lee Min-jung then communicated with fans through comments, such as “I want to know what’s dangerous hahaha”, “It’s risky to leave a comment lol”…

Lee Min Jung

Meanwhile, Lee Min-jung married actor Lee Byung-hun and they have one son.

She also chose TVING’s original series “Villains” as her next work. “Villains” follows the intense and competitive story of villains and their encounter with incredibly precise counterfeit bills called “Super Note”.

Source: naver

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