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Lee Mi Joo’s reaction to Boom saying he looks like actor Lee Kyu Hyung draws laughter 

Lee Mi Joo and Boom talked about celebrities whom they are said to look similar to.

In the latest episode of Mnet’s entertainment show ‘TMI NEWS SHOW‘, which was broadcast on August 3, Boom and Lee Mi Joo discussed celebrities who look alike. 

On this day, before introducing the “Top 10 doppelgänger celebrities that have 100% synchronization rate”, Boom and Lee Mi Joo also revealed the stars who resemble themselves. 

Lee Mi Joo said, “I was told I look similar to Yoona and Jo Bo Ah”, to which Boom agreed that she indeed looks a lot like Jo Bo Ah. Boom then claimed that he resembled Lee Kyu Hyung, “I heard that I look like actor Lee Kyu Hyung,” and Lee Mi Joo acted surprised, saying, “Who? Lee Kyu?”, drawing laughter.

Source: nate

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