Lee Kang-in’s Dispute With Son Heung-min Got His Rumored Girlfriend Lee Na-run’s Bully Scandal Re-examined

Actress Lee Na-eun, a former April member, made her first appearance in “Flex X Cop.”

April former member Lee Na-eun was rumored to be dating soccer player Lee Kang-in last month. An official from Namoo Actors announced that the two are acquaintances (not lovers) and denied the allegations. Despite Lee Na-eun‘s immediate denial, some fans left malicious comments on her social media account. Some netizens even recently posted malicious comments on Lee Na-eun’s social media as Lee Kang-in was at the center of criticism for the dispute with Son Heung-min.

Lee Kang-in Lee Na-eun

In 2015, Lee Na-eun debuted as a member of April and appeared in the web drama “A-TEEN” and MBC’s “Extraordinary You.” April officially disbanded in January 2022 in the aftermath of a controversy over bullying. Earlier, April members were embroiled in allegations that they had bullied former member Lee Hyun-joo, but denied all allegations. The controversy continued to a court battle. Prosecutors decided not to send the case, but in the aftermath of the controversy, Lee Na-eun got eliminated from the cast of SBS’ drama “Taxi Driver” in March 2021 and suspended her activities. She signed an exclusive contract with Nampo Actors in June 2022 and announced her return. Lee Na-eun returned to the entertainment industry after three years with “Flex X Cop” and is currently filming her new drama “iShopping.”

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Meanwhile, on February 17, Lee Na-eun appeared for the first time on the drama “Flex X Cop,” drawing attention. Lee Na-eun’s part was about a minute long, but she garnered a lot of viewers’ attention as it was her first return to the entertainment industry in three years.

Source: Newsen

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