“Filming will start soon”, Lee Jung Jae revealed news of his Hollywood debut 

Actor Lee Jung Jae revealed that he will soon start filming for the Hollywood series “The Acolyte”, in which he is cast as the main character.

Lee Jung Jae, who visited the UK to attend the 7th London East Asia Film Festival, revealed that filming for the Hollywood Star Wars series “The Acolyte” will soon begin in an exclusive interview with Yonhap News at a hotel on October 20th (local time).

Lee Jung-jae London

According to the media, Lee Jung Jae said, “I’m preparing (for filming) every day”, adding, “I can’t say anything because I’ve signed many confidential agreements. There will be an announcement soon.”

He then explained, “I think they will tell me not to talk about it even after filming the movie. It’s my first time doing a foreign work, and it’s really the first time I’ve done such a big project, so I have no choice but to follow such an opportunity.”

Lee Jung-jae London

Earlier, the American entertainment media Deadline reported that Lee Jung Jae was cast as the main character in the Disney+ Star Wars series “The Acolyte”, which will be produced by Lucasfilm. The specific role he will play has not yet been revealed.

Lee Jung Jae Star Wars thumbnail

Lee Jung Jae emerged as a global star last year after assuming the role of male lead Sung Ki Hoon in the Netflix original “Squid Game”. For this work, he won Best Actor at the Actors Guild of America Award (SAG), Independent Spirit Award, and Critics’ Choice Award.


Source: wikitree

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