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“Transit Love 2” Sung Hae Eun attracted over 90,000 viewers for a surprise live broadcast… Simon Dominic and BamBam also appeared

"Transit Love 2" Sung Hae Eun communicated with fans through a surprise live broadcast.

On Dec 17th, Sung Hae Eun met fans of “Transit Love 2” through a live broadcast. Previously, Sung Hae Eun drew attention as she went on a year-end trip with Jung Hyun Kyu, Park Na Eon, Lee Na Yeon, Kim Ji Soo, Nam Hee Doo, Park Won Bin, Kim Ji Yeon, Kim Tae Yi and Jung Kyu Min.

Kim Tae Yi, Kim Ji Soo, Lee Na Yeon and Jung Hyun Kyu appeared on the live broadcast. Sung Hae Eun, whose face seemed to get red due to drinking, communicated with fans by reading comments.

Transit Love 2

93,000 viewers watched the live broadcast, proving the popularity of “Transit Love 2”.

In addition, “Transit Love 2” MCs Simon Dominic and BamBam drew attention by appearing in the comments section. Simon Dominic attracted attention by leaving comments such as “Please invite us next time“, “Please read my comments” and “Please look at me.

BamBam seemed “over-immersed” as he said, “See you every day, Hyun Kyu.

Transit Love 2

Also, when Jung Hyun Kyu mentioned Simon Dominic “See you later, Simon Dominic“, Simon Dominic showed his funny reaction, “Oh, he called my name. Oh, it’s crazy.

Simon Dominic then caused laughter as he told Kim Ji Soo, “We always say ‘Shall we make a toast?’ at get-togethers of ‘Transit Love’.

Finally, Sung Hae Eun wrapped up the live broadcast by saying, “We’ll play games and have more fun.

iu transit love 2

TVING’s “Transit Love 2”, which ended in October, is a dating reality program that shows how separated couples gather in one house to face new relationships and find their real love.

“Transit Love 2” ranked first in the number of cumulative paid subscription contributors to original contents in the history of TVING.

In particular, Sung Hae Eun’s SNS followers surpassed 1 million, proving her hot topicality.

Source: Nate

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