Proofs that Son Ye Jin has the most “fangirls” within the industry  

Son Ye Jin is not only loved by the public but also by many other famous actresses. 

Son Ye Jin has been a top-tier Korean actress for years thanks to her gorgeous visuals, great acting and lovable personality. Not only does Son Ye Jin attract fans and viewers, she is also adored, admired and respected by other well-known actresses. 

son yejin

According to a Korean netizen’s compilation, more than 50 female stars have mentioned Son Ye Jin‘s name with admiration, which really shows the influence of the “nation’s first love” within the industry. Here are some of the most popular names. 

son ye jin thirty nine

Starting from Son Ye Jin’s latest female co-stars, Jeon Mi Do and Kim Ji Hyun. The trio worked together in the recent drama Thirty Nine, where they played three best friends. In real life, they are also same-aged friends and both Jeon Mi Do and Kim Ji Hyun are fans of Son Ye Jin. They have openly expressed their affection for their co-star. Jeon Mi Do said, “We are fans of Son Ye Jin. I often call her Son sunbaenim. I have learned a lot from her.” Kim Ji Hyun said, “I thought Son Ye Jin was very beautiful. After I worked with her, I also knew she was very funny and lovely as well.”

song hye kyo

The most surprising name in this list must be Song Hye Kyo. Song Hye Kyo – Son Ye Jin are often thought to be rivals, as they are both A-listers and top goddesses of the Korean screen. They are also both related to Hyun Bin as Son Ye Jin is Hyun Bin’s wife while Song Hye Kyo is one of his ex-girlfriends. The two top actresses have never appeared in the same project, so that’s why Song Hye Kyo is looking forward to the opportunity to work with Son Ye Jin.

Song Hye Kyo has talked about this twice in her interviews. She once said, “I want to work with Ha Ji Won and Son Ye Jin. They are my age so we can also be friends in real life.” She mentioned Son Ye Jin again in another interview, “I want to try acting with Jun Ji Hyun and Son Ye Jin. Their style is different from mine and they have starred in lots of great movies.”

Two popular singer-turned actresses, IU and Yoona, also revealed that Son Ye Jin is their idol. IU once said, “The Classic is my favorite movie and I’m a fan of Son Ye Jin. I hope I can work with her someday.” Meanwhile, Yoona is close to Son Ye Jin, so she would always come to her big sister whenever she needs acting advice. 

The actress who recently caught Son Ye Jin‘s bridal bouquet at her wedding, Gong Hyo Jin, talked about her best friend with much admiration, “We’re very close, we even went on a trip together. She is great. She has received many awards and is still reaping great results.  I’m jealous at times.” They are competitors in the industry, but still respect each other and remain close. 

 Park Min Young

The long list of Son Ye Jin’s fangirls goes on. Park Min Young once praised her senior for her diverse acting and revealed that she had watched many of Son Ye Jin’s works: “I was moved by Son Ye Jin’s acting. I also want to act in a sad and heartbreaking script and become an actress with a unique color like Son Ye Jin.”

Kim So Yeon and Park Bo Young also show their preference for Son Ye Jin‘s performance in sad movies, which has a really different color that attracts viewers with every line, every look and gesture. Kim So Yeon also praised her junior as “An actress with amazing acting, as if she turned into a different person (when acting)”. Meanwhile, Park Bo Young said, “I want to receive emotionally challenging roles and become an actress like senior Son Ye Jin. I’m very jealous of her unique charm.”

Kim So Hyun, who earned the title “Little Son Ye Jin”, expressed, “I want to be like Son Ye Jin. She doesn’t have to try to be pretty. Everytime she plays the role, her beauty can be seen right away. There are many people for me to learn from and admire, including Son Ye Jin and Kim Hae Sook.” 

Actress Lee Si Young admires Son Ye Jin for her leadership and self-dependence. Son Ye Jin’s roles are always strong and independent women, a similarity to a strong character like Lee Si Young. As for Kang So Ra, she loves the feminine but strong vibe in the acting of her senior. 

Lee Se-young

The fact that Lee Se Young is a fan of Son Ye Jin is known to many. It is said that the actress even burst into tears when she first met Son Ye Jin. Talking about her idol, Lee Se Young said: “I want to be like Son Ye Jin who is full of charm on the screen and has a diverse and seductive beauty that makes people fall in love. I want to learn her way of perfectly portraying the role and picking good scripts.”

Lee Se Young
Jo Bo-ah

Jo Bo Ah also chose Son Ye Jin as her role model, “My idol is Son Ye Jin, a senior with many charms who is cute, soft, gentle, feminine and extremely gorgeous. I want to have those diverse charms.”

Lee Joo Young, Han Hye Jin, Han Ji Hye, Lee Yeon Hee, Park Ha Sun, Yura, Choi Kang Hee, Song Seung Yeon, etc. all have special admiration for Son Ye Jin. Even Shu Qi of the Chinese entertainment industry adores Son Ye Jin, she even posted a congratulatory photo when the Korean beauty got married. Son Ye Jin is indeed a powerful actress with a huge fandom ranging from ordinary people to celebrities.

Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin is definitely one of the goddesses in the eyes of many men, but she is also an idol for women, which is what makes fans admire her even more. 

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