This K-drama actor is compared to Kang Dong Won, only to disappoint netizens with controversial acting

Netizens said this actor needs to improve his acting before taking on new roles 

2 years ago, Kim Young Dae gained immense popularity after playing the handsome young master Joo Seok Hoon in hit K-drama “The Penthouse”, who started out evil, but redeemed himself after he fell in love with poor student Bae Rona. Immediately after the show, Kim Young Dae went from playing mostly minor roles to receiving various offers to play the male lead. 

However, despite his overwhelming popularity, Kim Young Dae’s acting skill received mixed responses. To many netizens, despite the actor’s character in “The Penthouse” getting more screen time than the rest of the “rich kids”, his acting is a matter of debate. Kim Young Dae was only good when showing his apathy and cold side, netizens said, and would look stiff and confused when it comes to more complex emotions.

At the start of “The Penthouse”, Kim Young Dae was hailed as a “face genius”, even compared to famous actor Kang Dong Won thanks to his outstanding visuals. However, some believed that he wasn’t able to utilize his face well. In “Shooting Stars”, a K-drama that stars the actor and actress Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Dae exuded the aura of a star, and yet was unable to match his acting skills up to par. As a result, “Shooting Stars” was criticized for lackluster acting and bland chemistry between the main couple, even recording extremely low viewership ratings despite its popular cast. 

With “Shooting Stars”, many audiences expressed that they couldn’t see any improvements in Kim Young Dae’s acting compared to “The Penthouse”. As a result, they believed that the actor needs to hone his skills more before taking on major roles. 

Compared to fellow actors and actresses of the same generation, Kim Young Dae started his career pretty late, with a guest role in the 2017 web series “Secret Crushes: Special Edition”. He then gained attention via a minor role in the school drama “Extraordinary You” and mega hit “The Penthouse”, before starting to assume leading roles. 

Kim young dae

Other than “Shooting Stars”, which aired earlier this year, Kim Young Dae will also star as the male lead of upcoming K-drama “The Forbidden Marriage”.

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