Lee Jung-ha Talks About Gaining 30kg For “Moving” and His Passion For Acting

Actor Lee Jung-ha expressed his feelings about acting in Disney+’s original series “Moving”

JTBC’s “Newsroom” broadcast on October 8th featured actor Lee Jung-ha, who starred in Disney+’s drama “Moving”.

In the drama, Lee Jung-ha played Kim Bong-seok, the son of Lee Mi-hyun (Han Hyo-joo) and Kim Doo-sik (Jo In-sung). Revealing that he gained 30kg to portray the character, the actor said, “I hear people talking about it a lot. Although I’ve already lost that weight, thank you for recognizing my effort.”

He continued, “Many people are now calling me ‘Bong-seok’ and I’m happy about that. I like to be called by the name of my character rather than Jung-ha during the drama promotion. It makes me feel proud and confident”, showing his affection for “Moving”.

Regarding the time when he felt impatient after failing various auditions in the past, Lee Jung-ha said, “I tried to strengthen my inner self and remembered my mother’s advice deeply”. Lee Jung-ha continued, “Mom told me that her son is a flower that hasn’t bloomed yet, and the day when he blooms brightly and beautifully would come. Mom reminded me that she would always be with me and told me to not be impatient. She wanted me to just work hard like I had been doing. Those words helped me grow up and try to become a good son.”

Regarding when he referred himself to an unscratched lottery during his debut days, Lee Jung-ha said, “I always thought I’m a person who could fly high someday”. When asked how much the lottery is now, he said, “I haven’t even started (scratching it) yet. I still have many dreams and there are many things I want to show to the audience. I think I’ve only presented about 1/1000 of what I have and want to show”, expressing his ambition. 

The actor continued, “I want to play a role opposite to Bong-seok. If you give me an opportunity, I will try to show you another side of Lee Jung-ha”, adding “Now I want to try a romance. Every time a good work or a chance comes to me, I will grab it. It’s a new challenge every time and I want to try anything”, showing his acting passion.

Source: Nate

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